The Tech Support Scam – Don’t Fall For It!

This scam has been top of mind for a while – we’ve had family and friends fall prey.

Lots of variations on this scheme. We’ll cover this one today:

Call center rep calls and claims to be from a tech company (like Microsoft). The rep claims that the company has been monitoring your computer and has noticed malware, a virus, or some other scary activity.

The goals of this call could be to get you to give credit card information – for “verification” or extra services, or the scammer might redirect you to a site where you download what they say is a legitimate file, but in reality it’s malware / spyware.

*** Microsoft, like almost every other reputable company on the planet, does not proactively reach out to you for PC support *** Don’t fall victim. Hang up and move on.

Important: If you have questions about this scam, or would like to know more, please contact us. We will publish more info, and can even run a live seminar showing how this works and how to avoid getting taken.

For more information from Microsoft – here’s a helpful link:




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