You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next! This Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

Definition of the week: Clickbait.

Q. What is clickbait? A. Most simple definition: Headlines or ads designed to make you want to click and find out more. Copy that drives clicks.

Q. Is clickbait dangerous? A. Not usually… but sometimes. Usually, the bait is designed to drive website traffic or views. But, sometimes, the links can go to sites that have been specifically set up to grab personal information. In the worst cases, the links can head to malware sites.

Q. So how do I know if a story link is legit? A. You don’t.

Q. So how can I stay safe?

A. Only click links from sites you trust. That will take care of many of the issues.

A. Don’t click ad or site links that contain spelling errors or look amateur.

A. Use a service like OpenDNS (please see our OpenDNS article). This will help keep malware site visits to a minimum – at least when you’re on your home network.

Q. Is there more information on Clickbait? A. Yes! We’ll share more soon. The answer will shock you! (sorry – couldn’t resist)


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