PSA: Mac Isn’t Malware Immune

One of the things we’ve heard over the years: “I”m safe. I’m using a Mac.”

Legend was that Windows users had all of the virus and malware fun.

Not the case. Virus and malware purveyors are more than happy to hit Macs. Especially now that the user base has grown. And while there are certainly more malware instances on Windows, Mac malware is there and it’s nasty.

Here’s a story about a crazy piece of malware that has been floating around in Mac world for years, apparently.

It’s a great example of how sometimes companies see an issue and don’t move quite fast enough to prevent against said issue.

Note: This is why we continue to talk about 3rd party network-wide solutions that can help you stay safe without relying solely on manufacturers patching.

Here are the details:


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