Looking For A Great Home WiFi Router? Portal Quick Review

This is not a paid post. It’s unbiased, and based on years of using many, many home WiFi products.

We picked up a Portal WiFi Router a few months ago. @getportalnow on Twitter.

Big active family, running a home business, and a ton of Internet-connected devices. So, we tend to tax our routers. We’ve been through almost every brand out there, including several enterprise-class routers.

So why the recommendation? Portal has come up with a way to essentially open unused channels. This has real-world implications for a busy family – and will also be incredibly useful in crowded areas such as apartment buildings.

More channels = less congestion = stronger connectivity, faster speeds, less buffering = happier users.


*** To Purchase Portal, visit:

Portal wifi router – Keeps your wifi maxed out at the speed you pay for, Patented technology, Reliable and affordable coverage for homes up to 3,000 sq.ft., Gigabit speed, Easy setup and app. (AC2400)


The device is very easy to set up. Basic setup is done via an app. We highly recommend doing some advanced setup via the web interface and using OpenDNS instead of your ISP (https://helpprotect.me/2017/07/13/every-home-should-use-this-service/ for details) @opendns

One other crucial point – remember this is a security site: Almost every other router we’ve owned has been brutal to upgrade. Most manufacturers only provide sporadic updates, and most of these updates have to be manually applied. Portal (and a few other mesh wifi vendors) are starting to do something amazing: Updates happen automatically. Meaning that these new devices are easier to manage, more secure, and much, much easier to maintain.

This device costs more than most home routers, but for the price you get way better than average coverage, easier management, and automatic updates. It’s worth a bit of a delta.

Please comment if you want to know more, if you’d like to comment on your Portal experience, or if there is any other product you’d like us to cover soon.



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