Too Many Buttons In The New Car? Dealer Aims To Help is an ageism-free site. Technology now belongs to all ages. That being said – sometimes technology can be really confusing, especially to those who didn’t grow up with an iPad in hand.

Age aside (even though it’s called out in this article in a tone that we don’t really appreciate): Most new cars have brutal interfaces – like they were designed by ADD-riddled chimps. Many have too many dang buttons. And most have proprietary interfaces that don’t operate like anything else on the planet.

Until car companies decide that simple and efficient is better than klugey and cluttered, the learning curve will be steep anytime we slide into a new car.

This is an interesting article. Shows that at least one dealership is attempting to help people through the tech learning curve.

Why is this on a security site? Because confusing interfaces are dangerous. We hope that car companies can simplify the experience and help minimize distracted driving caused by these woefully inept setups.


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