Hackers Break Into Electronic Voting System In Less Than 2 Hours

You may have seen this news. It’s definitely out there past couple of days, from this and a bajillion other sources.


It is absolutely scary (but not all that surprising) that this happened. Give very smart hackers a challenge and a green light, and they’re going to get resourceful and be successful.

So, why are we mentioning this story here?

Thanks for asking! Because if something is connected to the Internet, it can be hacked. And, this is an escalating issue as we hook up more and more things to the Net.

Here’s hoping that the election industry can figure out how to secure the voting process. We have enough issues without having to worry about rigged or false results.

Even more paramount for our day-to-day lives: Here’s hoping that this and other stories about endpoint hacks are noticed by companies that are putting sensors into everything.

We hope that more corporations see this story, and others like it, and start increasing efforts to make their products secure and more privacy-friendly.

This issue isn’t just a voting machine issue. It’s a future issue.



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