PSA: Do You Need An RFID Blocking Wallet?

A couple of years ago we took a trip to Europe (high school choir chaperones). As our group got ready, during an information meeting, there were many questions about information security, especially pertaining to RFID / credit card security.

Two years later, and there are still a ton of questions about why RFID skimming is an issue, what it is, and how to protect against it.

We’re not going to answer all three of those in 1 article, but here’s a quick take on one biggy:

Q. Do I need an RFID blocking wallet?

A. No. However, you may want one anyway – but only because they’re cool.

Here’s the deal… RFID skimming is an issue, and will probably be an issue for a long time. A blocking wallet may help in a very specific use case… this use case isn’t the only way that information can get hacked. Thus, the “buy if you want to, but it’s not crucial” advice.

What an RFID wallet will theoretically protect against: There have been cases where “skimmers” (small electronic devices that can remotely read credit / debit card chip data) have been installed at store entrances, gas stations, other public locations.

The purpose of these is to remotely gain access to personal data on your card, and that data is then sold or used to bilk users out of funds, etc.

This is still a problem, and RFID wallets will help, if your card is in the wallet and stays in the wallet.

However, there are other issues that can’t be worked around simply by buying a blocking wallet. We’ll cover those in a future post.

Rare product recommendation: If you are looking for an incredible wallet that also happens to be good at RFID blocking, here are two great suggestions. I own both of these, and I love them. The Trayvax is my favorite wallet ever. Worth every penny.

Let us know if you want more info on RFID – how it works, why this matters, etc.



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