Parents: Reminder That YouTube Is A Very Cool, But Sometimes Scary, Place

File this one under, “People can be the worst.”

Why anyone would want to misappropriate a cartoon character to portray violence, sex, etc is beyond us. There is a market for this sort of thing, unfortunately, apparently… and this degenerate activity makes it important for parents to be aware of the risk and help their families navigate past potentially disturbing videos.

In this case – here’s a good warning from Lifehacker about YouTube Peppa Pig videos that are decidedly family (human?) unfriendly.

Kid Safety Tips (from Lifehacker and Help Protect Me):

  1. Make sure YouTube filters are enabled.
  2. Use YouTube Kids if possible.
  3. Create playlists and share those with your kids / family. Create these from reputable channel sources.
  4. Have kids, as much as possible, watch YouTube or other video sites in a room with others – just in case videos slip past detection
  5. Create an open communication culture – so that if / when kids run across this or other salacious material, they know it’s safe to talk to you, and that you’re not going to over-react or punish them.

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