Three Very Good Home Wireless Options

We hear a ton of questions like this, “What is the best access point for security and a large home?”

WiFi is (finally) changing. In the past, there were very good enterprise and truly awful home solutions.

Now, with the Internet being so central to our lives, companies are finally coming up with exciting and relatively secure home solutions.

These three solutions are worth the cost, especially for those of you with larger homes or larger families – or for those of you who work out of the home.

Our favorite AP right now is Portal Wifi. It’s powerful and can cover a larger home (within reason) by itself. This product uses new technology, and it’s smoking fast.

(See it on Amazon)

Second, we recommend the Google WiFi solution. This is a mesh solution, meaning that you can put all three of these in different places in the home, and get great coverage.

(See it on Amazon)

Another solution with stellar reviews is the Eero system. Like Google, it covers the home with multiple mesh access points.

(See it on Amazon)

Replacing your current outdated access point can make a huge difference for security, reliability, and the overall online experience. Something to consider. Please contact us with questions or any other suggestions of newer gear you love.


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