Tip: Facebook Messenger Phishing Virus Making Rounds

Facebook messenger is a massive communication platform, and as we’ve mentioned before, Hackers and bad actors love going after massive platforms.

There is a potentially harmful Messenger phishing attack making the rounds.

Reminder: Definition of Phishing: https://helpprotect.me/2017/07/13/word-of-the-week-phishing/

There is a good way to avoid most of these kinds of attacks. Don’t click on links, even if they look like they come from your friends.

The better way: If you get a message with a link and it looks like it came from one of your friends, take the extra step and ask them if they meant to send it. If they did, great. If not, you may have just avoided a potential world of hurt.

Here’s one of the stories detailing this attack: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2147486/Facebook-instant-messaging-window-used-spread-virus.html

Stay safe out there.


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