STRONG Password Manager Recommendation – Dashlane

Note: Dashlane link below.

As promised, here’s a more in-depth recommendation of Dashlane. This is not a paid post. We’ve just used this product for a couple of years now and find it to be easier to use and more comprehensive than any other password manager we’ve tried.

What is a password manager?

It’s a software program that runs on your PC, Mac, and phone and allows you to store, manage, and change passwords securely.

Why are password managers important?

  • Most people use easy-to-guess passwords, and they reuse these passwords on multiple sites. Do you fall into this trap?
  • Short passwords that use common words are easy to hack. Dashlane and other good managers help generate incredibly complex passwords, and help you to use these for each service you use.
  • After you set it up and take the time to update your passwords, the only one you’ll need to remember is the master password used to log into the program. So, instead of sticky notes, spreadsheets, or repeating passwords, you can now set up a very secure password management system and have that system remember all of the passwords for you.

What makes Dashlane so good?

  • The software is very easy to use.
  • They offer a free version and a paid version. We feel that the paid version is more than worth it because it allows things like syncing between a phone and a computer and it also helps change passwords regularly.
  • They’ve built in great features like health checks and they also have the ability to warn when a site has been hacked. For example, one of the sites we use periodically, 8tracks, issued a hack warning to users. Even before we got the notification from 8tracks, Dashlane had already warned us of the threat and encouraged us to change passwords ASAP.
  • Dashlane seems to be more secure than other password managers. They do a great job protecting data.
  • Perhaps the favorite: Dashlane can automatically create complex passwords. These are not subject to dictionary attacks or other human guesses. They’re too random. And, Dashlane makes it easy to cut and paste the password so you don’t have to retype or remember these complex data.

How do I find out more and sign up? JUST CLICK HERE



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