Important Updates – Equifax Hack Attack

This situation is a nightmare. Looking more and more like it may be one of the most devastating attacks ever.

And, as of this writing, Equifax is not handling this hack the way we hope they would. We hope that either cooler heads prevail or that someone convinces them to start treating customers as victims – and not doing things like attempting to remove customer’s ability to sue if they check to see if they were affected.

Also, 1 year of credit reporting is not going to be enough. Personal information that was taken in this hack will have a longer shelf-life than 1 year.

We join many other tech sites in urging Equifax to deal with this horrible event appropriately.

Three stories:

    1. So Equifax Says You’ve Been Hacked… Now What?
    2. Are You A Victim? You Could Give Up Your Right To Sue
    3. Equifax Already Being Sued Over Massive Breach; Company Criticized For Amateurish Response To Theft



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