Equifax Drops Controversial Condition From Credit Monitoring Service… But

Equifax looks like it has dropped the controversial condition from the credit monitoring service…

Here’s the Consumerist Article


Most people probably shouldn’t use their offer anyway.

Here’s another Consumerist article

If you’re feeling jaded, here’s a great update from FARK:

Last week, we discovered that one of the major credit bureaus is about as good at keeping your information – which you never gave them permission to possess in the first place –  as secure as The Club keeps your car. So they set up a pretty exciting website where you get to plug in some of your information and, depending on secret factors such as the alignment of the stars, the direction the wind is blowing, the rotating TOS of the complimentary credit monitoring service, what color underwear you’re wearing, and the last thing you ate, it tells you whether or not your information was compromised. Play again and again for different answers. It’s fun for the entire family!


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