Thursday Deepcut: What FaceID May Mean For Privacy

Many of us probably saw Apple’s new product announcements. One of those products is the iPhone X, and it looks pretty cool.

Some security folks, though, are particularly interested in one detail. The new phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor (not even on the back). Instead, it can be unlocked using facial recognition.

This tech isn’t new. Microsoft has a (great!) feature called Hello on many of their newer devices. It works, and works well. Those are laptops / tablets, though. We don’t normally have a tablet in our pockets during border crossings, etc.

Advocates are worried because the smartphone tech could a) potentially be spoofed (someone holding up a picture of your face?), and b) Biometrics are subject to different search and seizure laws than other password methods, apparently.

We’re not lawyers. However, we hope that the rise of affective and ubiquitous biometrics will lead to legal reform.

Here is one of the better stories detailing the situation. It’s a bit more technical than many stories we post, but it’s worth the read.

Read the Ars Story Here


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