Ever Wonder Why You Should Be Careful While Connected to Public WiFi?

It’s so tempting… you’re at the airport and the airport still charges for WiFi (even though that WiFi is slow as molasses), so you start looking around at all of the other “free” WiFi connections, and you wonder, “OK to join?”

Here’s an article that talks about why you should not only be careful joining public WiFi, but also why you should really be careful accessing personally identifiable or private information.

Important: Not all public WiFi is bad. ProTip: If you’re at a public place, and you know they have an actual guest network, just make sure you’re actually connecting to that actual guest network, and not someone’s fake network where they could be sniffing or worse.

By the way – this is a very kind article. Once in a while we’ll post some other information about what could actually happen. You’ll see that this article is the tip of the iceberg.

We don’t like fear on this site. We try to get rid of it. However, when it comes to “free” public WiFi, be smart, be very jaded, and don’t connect unless you know what you’re doing.

Oh, and probably time to look at a VPN, too. More on that later.

Here’s the How-To-Geek Article


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