Follow Up: The CCleaner Hack

As we (and almost every other security blog) mentioned last week, CCleaner, a very popular Windows cleaning tool, was hacked.

*If you use CCleaner – as we do – make sure that you download the latest patched update.

At first it looked like this was an innocuous infection, but now it looks like it had a much worse secondary purpose. Looks like this was designed to go after specific tech companies.

Why are we writing about this in a personal and home security blog? Because many of us have personal devices that we use at work – and many more of us are able to download programs like CCleaner on work computers.

In this case the hackers were able to hijack a legitimate, widely used, program. That’s something that will most likely happen more and more over time.

Not much we as normal users can do to prevent this sort of thing, but if your company has a software download policy, or if they lock down access, it’s usually for a reason.

For now, just read this and realize it’s a great example of user devices can potentially affect and infect corporate networks.

Here’s a Forbes Article About This Hack


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