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Man Finds USB Stick And Plugs It In. What Happens Next Will Shock You

Sorry for the click bait title. It’s Halloween and this is a truly spooky story, so we couldn’t resist. Net: A unemployed man finds a USB device while on the way to the public library. He plugs it in and finds 2.5GB of unprotected, unencrypted data. That data includes Heathrow CCTV maps, security plans for the Queen, anti-terrorism patrol data,

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This Anti-Bullying Commercial Gives Us The Feels. Thanks, Burger King

Here’s another sentence I never thought I’d write: Burger King just put out one of the best anti-bullying commercials ever. Gives me the feels. Is someone cutting onions for their Whopper? Must be – my eyes are watering. The message is very good, and very sad. Those stats are brutal. Here’s to more adults being active preventers instead of passive

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Minnesota ATM Skimming Alert – With Bonus Terrifying Mask

There is currently an ATM skimming spree occurring in Minnesota. If MN is home, please read and be particularly cautious. If you live elsewhere, please read and be particularly cautious. This kind of thing can still happen anywhere. Reminder: Skimmers are devices that are installed on top of, near, or sometimes instead of legitimate credit card readers. Crooks have used

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