Update: Birchbox Says They Will Protect Addresses (and word of the week)

Good news. Follow up to yesterday’s story. It looks as if Birchbox will no longer dox gift recipient’s personal addresses.

Which brings us to the Word of the Week: n) Dox , v? Doxxing / Doxing (you’ll see it spelled both ways). To dox is to search for and reveal private and personal information via the Internet. Many times this can be malicious. Sometimes it’s because of what Birchbox was doing, where it wasn’t nefarious.

Doxing is a huge problem, especially for reporters, teens, teachers, police officers, or anyone else who has the need for physical anonymity.

Back to the article: Glad Birchbox is making this change. Hopefully other companies will learn from this one as well.

Here’s the Consumerist Follow Up Story


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