The Surveillance State Debate: Brief Opinion

We are beyond saddened by this week’s terrible Las Vegas event.

This is a security blog, not a political blog, and yet, when events like this one occur, we’re reminded that the lines between politics and security are becoming ever more blurred.

We will share one opinion regarding this and other violent tragedies: Our world is becoming evermore surveillance obsessed. Governments and corporations are investing in recording and monitoring. We willfully give location data (and a ton of other data) to ISPs, search companies, phone manufacturers, etc. Citizens are being filmed dozens, and sometimes hundreds of times, each day.

And yet, with all of these surveillance methods, data points, etc, violence continues. In the case of the Las Vegas nightmare, as this Splinter story reports, the shooter managed to get 19 large weapons to a hotel room, despite the hotel being one of the most filmed locations in the world.

It’s clear, in light of Las Vegas, London, Paris, and too many other mass events, that constant surveillance is not working. Not even close.

We pray for those affected by Las Vegas, and others who have been involved in mass events. And, we also hope that governments and corporations will being to look to alternative means of predicting and stopping future events.


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