A Troubling Story About A Troubling Trend: Digital Self Harm

Cyber Bullying is a huge deal. It’s affecting way too many people, and it’s in many cases a life-altering or life-ending issue.

We all need to be on the lookout for bullying, and help those who are affected.

That being said, experts are starting to notice a troubling sub-trend. They’re calling this Digital Self Harm.

In a nutshell – Digital Self Harm occurs when people post damaging information about themselves online. This is, unfortunately, a growing trend.

From the article: Youths who’d been cyberbullied were 12 times more likely to post bad things about themselves online compared to those who had not. Drug use and depression were among factors that increased likelihood of digital self-harm.

Net: If you’re a parent or a friend or family member of someone who has been bullied, or who deals with harm challenges, please read this article and start the discussion.

Here’s the article from the Deseret News (SLC, UT)


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