KRACK Update: No Easy / Quick Fix

A couple of days ago we (and every other tech site, and most news sites) mentioned the KRACK wireless vulnerability.

Please note: This is a big dang deal. KRACK affects almost every wireless device, and since almost every Internet connected device runs wireless, that means that almost everything, everyone, everywhere is potentially affected.

And, as you can see in this Wired Article it is going to be a long time before everything can get patched or fixed.

So, where does that leave us, the average consumers? Two big things that all of us should do right now:

  1. Patch your devices. If you get a patch notification on your laptop, or from your wifi device company, or any other company that has products on your network, patch them.
  2. Big recommendation: Run OpenDNS. We’ve talked about OpenDNS before, and it can help with many of these issues.

BONUS, Important reminder: There will be bad guys who use this as an excuse to send Phishing emails, trying to get users to download malware or enter personal information under the guise of downloading patches.

Please search for and read our articles on Phishing, and make sure you only download patches from reliable, trusted sources – and don’t blindly click on “update” emails.

If you have questions, concerns, etc, just ping us via the contact section.


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