Kid’s Smartwatches – the 2017 Gift Guide Edition

Listen: For the record, we’re big fans of enterprise class smart watches. They haven’t changed the world like many manufactures hoped, but they’re cool, and with the right use case they’re actually helpful.

That being said, there are several brands of smartwatches that are marketed as kid’s devices.

Avoid them. They’re security and privacy nightmares.

Parents – your kids may want one this holiday season. Just don’t do it. Talk them out of their request and ask Santa to bring them something more useful and less dangerous.

Reminder: companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, build awesome products. But those products are also designed to work with very expensive smartphones, and most pre-teens don’t have iPhones or Galaxy phones they use. At least we hope they don’t.

So, the watches in question are those designed with the kiddy market in mind, and they’re brutal.

Here’s a very long report about just how bad many of the current kid watch products are. Even if you just read the first few pages, it will give you a ton of good reasons to avoid these.

Stay safe out there this holiday season. One way to do that is to avoid buying products like these that have limited usefulness and open huge privacy and security holes.


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