New Botnet Might Be Largest Ever

Definition of the Week = Botnet. A Botnet is a group of hacked devices that can be orchestrated and used by bad actors to launch denial of service attacks, steal information, send spam, or just allow the hacker to access the device.

Why you want to know this word: Researchers at Check Point (one of our favorite security companies) have uncovered what may be the largest known botnet attack ever. They estimate that this attack has already infected over 1 million networks.

So far, it doesn’t look like anyone has used the botnet to launch an attack… but it’s most likely only a matter of time before they do. And when they do, this could have devastating effect for the Internet.

The biggest botnet attack to date, Mirai, took down large portions of the Internet. This new botnet, dubbed Reaper, could be much larger when activated.

So, why bring this up on a personal / home security site? Because many of the devices used in these attacks are home networking devices. Some may be in your home right now.

We expect this list to grow so if you’re interested in tracking this one you may want to refresh periodically. Check Point has done a service and has published a list of the devices they currently think are vulnerable and could be used as part of an attack. 

That article is pretty technical – so you may just want to scroll down to the grey table and see what devices are listed.

IMPORTANT MORAL TO THIS AND OTHER SIMILAR STORIES: Please keep your devices patched. Take the time to check for patches once in a while. And, if you don’t want to have the hassle of manually patching, then replace your devices with those from companies who do the patching automagically.

For WiFi, we recommend Portal, Google, Eero. These companies offer superior devices and make management and security much easier than most traditional home tech companies. Links below.

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