Amazon Key – Inspired, or Insipid?

We just don’t know how to feel about this one. Amazon, the company that has become indispensable for many of us, just introduced a “feature” that allows Amazon delivery people physical access to your home / apartment / etc. This helps ensure that packages actually get delivered and not stolen.

Porch thefts – performed by those who have been dubbed “Porch Pirates” are at an all time high, and asset loss is a big issue for Amazon and consumers.

However, we’re just not sure how to feel about this latest attempt at theft prevention.

Amazon is combining a video camera and a special door lock, and allegedly has security under control… but we’re not sold. Cameras and locks can be hacked or disabled. Just not sure that this is a great idea, in its current form.

Oh, and in true Amazon fashion – even though this is a measure taken largely to minimize Amazon liability, they’re charging consumers for this solution.

It’s their right, but it still leaves a weird taste in the mouth to think that one of the planet’s biggest companies is asking consumers to open physical access into our homes and charging us for risk mitigation.

But we may be overthinking this. Maybe it’s great. What do you think? Does the threat of theft outside outweigh the possibility that you’ve willingly opened your home to a delivery person you don’t know?

Here’s the Amazon site



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