KRACK WiFi Update – And A Great Example Of Scary Headlines

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times, the KRACK WiFi issue is big. It’s dangerous, and it’s a real threat.

That being said, we should never underestimate a journalist’s ability to take a scary issue and make it scarier. Get a load of this headline – calling the KRACK issue the “Armageddon of the Internet.”


Dangerous? Absolutely. The end of civilization? Probably not.

This highlights another reason we’re running this site. So that our smart readers can know when to stress and when to dismiss fear tactics.

Read this article from Inverse and let us know what you think. Overkill, or are we just being to harsh on a headline writer?

And please, please, please, keep up to date on patches and firmware revisions with your products, or purchase products that will do that stuff for you.



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