Minnesota ATM Skimming Alert – With Bonus Terrifying Mask

There is currently an ATM skimming spree occurring in Minnesota. If MN is home, please read and be particularly cautious. If you live elsewhere, please read and be particularly cautious. This kind of thing can still happen anywhere.

Reminder: Skimmers are devices that are installed on top of, near, or sometimes instead of legitimate credit card readers. Crooks have used them everywhere from ATMs to gas pumps to store fronts to table side waiter payment devices.

Here’s a graphic that describes in simple detail how some of these ATM skimmers work. There are variations, but this is the nutshell:


This is unfortunately a relatively easy way for crooks to steal.

So, back to the MN story. Crooks have taken tens of thousands from people in Ramsey and Dakota counties, and possibly other locations.

And, at least one of these crooks has a terrifying mask. You’re welcome, and sweet dreams.


Anyway – be safe. And, here is some good advice from The Star Tribune and Sgt. John Eastham:

“Customers are encouraged to use ATMs inside financial institutions to protect themselves, but those who use drive-ups or walk-ups should visually inspect the machine before inserting their cards, Eastham said. He said customers should look that the opening where cards are inserted is flush and that nothing is sticking out. If something looks amiss, customers should call police.

“Trust your gut,” Eastham said. “If it looks suspicious, don’t use the ATM and go inside the bank.””


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