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An Inside Job

Here’s a scary story about a security company that was a front for an advanced Chinese hacking operation. Why I’m posting? For you business owners / managers: over the next few years, security services are going to be very important. The combination of regulatory compliance, employee protection, and your customer demands will have you scrambling to a) know more about

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YouTube: More Content Trouble

Trigger warning: This story will make you mad and contains adult subject matter. We’ve talked several times about YouTube’s content issues. Earlier this month we posted a story showing that they’re finally starting to take issues seriously. However, as bad as questionable content is (and it really is!), this news is way worse. The Guardian and other sites are reporting

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Interested In Seeing Cyber Monday Spending Real Time?

Here’s an interesting website from Adobe. It’s tracking Cyber Monday spending almost real time. The day is now projected to break $6.6 Billion (yes, with a ‘B’). Please just remember, if you’re spending time and money today, that crooks love Cyber Monday as much as shoppers do. Be safe, be smart. I published several articles last week talking about online

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