This One’s Important – Facebook Link Spoofing Alert

Nobody really knows how widespread this is, so it may / may not be an issue for you. BUT, it’s important enough that we wanted to put out this warning.

There is a bunch of new news about Facebook link spoofing. This news isn’t just fear-inspiring. This threat is real, and it could affect Facebook users.

What’s happening? As reported in this 2Spyware article: “Researchers have just discovered a flaw that allows spammers or attackers spoof links shared on Facebook. Therefore, you should not click on each exciting YouTube or other links your friends shared because it might lead to dangerous websites.”

Also from this article, some great suggestions:

  • Hover over the link without clicking it in order to see the URL address it will redirect. If it has random words or unusual end of the domain, do not click it.
  • Strange sentences, grammar or word of use mistakes also warn about potentially dangerous content, especially if a user shares a link from a popular website.
  • Click-bait headlines, shocking or entertaining news are often the ones that are dangerous to click.
  • If a person who is not active on Facebook starts sharing strange content, it’s likely that his or her account has been hacked and spreads potentially dangerous content.
  • If you receive a video or other link on Messenger, always ask a person if he or she wanted to share this content with you. It’s possible that this message was sent without user’s knowledge.

Now back to my thoughts: There is a lot of news about this exploit. Please pay attention to this one. Take a couple of extra steps and don’t blindly click on everything you see.

The extra time will be worth it. Share this news with your friends, and stay safe out there!


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