Slideshow: Here Are Many Of The Kremlin-Backed Facebook Ads That Influenced The Last Presidential Election

There are still a ton of missing facts about what happened with last year’s presidential election… but this one thing is now certain:

According to this article from Ars Technica, “Facebook, which has conceded that Kremlin-backed ads might have been seen by as many as 126 million people, has been taking the biggest beatings in these hearings.”

126 MILLION PEOPLE saw these ads, in an election that was decided by 107,000 votes in 3 swing states!

Politics aside (although that’s hard to do, given how this election turned out): This is a huge social problem, not just an electoral problem.

Hopefully we all know this by now, but just in case there are any lingering questions. Just because it’s on Facebook (or other social network, or news site for that matter) doesn’t mean it’s true.

Stay skeptical, keep eyes open, and don’t be snookered.

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