PSA: Watch Out For Online Texas Shooter Rumors, Lies, and Fake News

We join the rest of decent society in mourning those affected by the TX shooting, and all other mass shootings. It’s disgusting and depressing.

Also disgusting and depressing: it seems that there are those who use these mass tragedies as either a way to spread hate, or to spread misinformation – either for “humor” or to induce greater panic.

As reported in this Lifehacker article, there’s too much false information floating around, and not just on 2nd-tier sites. This article specifically calls out CNN and Google.

We’ll continue to raise this warning to our growing community of smart readers: Don’t believe everything that you see and hear. If you see something you want to believe, look for a second or third source. When available, do some digging and look at the original source.

That will keep you smart and well informed, and also help ensure that you’re not accidentally believing or spreading lies.


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