Facebook – Designed With Addiction In Mind?

I’ll admit there is a certain amount of cognitive dissonance when it comes to this and other Facebook-specific warning posts. After all, many of you are reading this article on Facebook. And, I’m asking you to help grow this Facebook community.

Please help grow this community!

Dissonance aside, this is an important article and video. It’s crucial that we all take a look at our social media consumption and ask ourselves some habit questions.

Please read this short Axios article and then make sure you click on the “Go Deeper” link and watch the short video clip.

We have known all along that Facebook is free to users because we, the users, are the commodity. The same holds true for Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and almost every other social site.

We also know that social media companies need 2 things in order to grow: 1) More users, and 2) More user mindshare and consumption time.

When they get those 2 things, they can attract better advertisers, and provide those advertisers with better customer business intelligence, and then they can grow their business and keep coming up with new and more effective ways to grow user base and keep users hooked.

It’s the Circle of Internet Life, early 21st century style.

It’s one thing to know, intrinsically, that social media functions this way. It’s another thing, altogether, to hear it blatantly admitted by one of the early Facebook investors.

Net: I’m not asking you to shut down all social media and walk away. That would be dangerous and crazy. Society has changed and we can’t all just walk away.

But, I’m asking you to do one important thing: Look at your life, and look at your social media consumption habits. If you feel like you’re addicted and need help, contact me. I can provide resources to help curb the addiction.

In the meantime, thank you for your help in growing this Facebook and website community. The goal here: If you are going to be on sites like this anyway, might as well read and consume something useful.

Stay safe out there.



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