Addiction Week: We’re All Hooked

I’ve long been fascinated with the science of addiction. I used to believe that addicts were outliers. I was wrong. Science is now proving what most of us already intrinsically know: We are all addicts.

This week, in addition to any urgent security news items, I’m going to publish some of the best recent addiction findings. Addiction is absolutely a family and home security topic. Addiction can, and often does, lead to security issues – including online activities that increase personal information loss risk, phone and computer security holes, and even blackmail, revenge events, etc.

Obviating, or at least curbing and controlling, addiction can increase health, happiness, and security.

Why this focus this week? Because one of western society’s biggest addictions is conspicuous consumption. Figured it would be good to tackle this topic as many are already planning Black Friday shopping binges.

For this first story – here’s a very interesting article from Big Think. Parents – please note that this link, and several others I will share this week, necessarily covers adult subject matter.

One other note: Some of the sources I’ll share this week come from sites that may or may not 100% agree with your pov. Please trust that despite other articles on these sites, I’m sharing these particular findings for good reason.

If you can’t trust that, because I’m sharing from sites that don’t always agree with your worldview? Well, maybe you’re addicted to the False Consensus Effect.

Stay safe (and relatively addiction free) out there.



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