Good News: YouTube Will Crack Down On Disturbing Videos Aimed At Kids

As we talked about back in August, YouTube has some issues with kid’s videos.

Thankfully, after a ton of pressure and a couple of very well written articles this week (Medium and NY Times), it seems like the YouTube brass has finally started to hear the concerns.

Many articles out there about the new filtering promises. We like this one from Ars the best. It has links to the Medium and NY Times articles, and does a nice job talking about the issues and the solution without linking to the inappropriate content.

Net: Hopefully YouTube will follow through, crack down, find ways to tweak their algorithm, and make it a safer experience for youngsters.

There are plenty of places on the net to find questionable, dark, awful content. YouTube doesn’t need to be one of these. We applaud every effort to make the world’s largest video site safer.


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