Addiction Week: The Final Weekly Post – and a MUST View

Realize it’s been an intense subject matter type of week, gang. I hope that the addiction topic has helped many of you as you look at your own lives and the lives of those around you.

Before we get back to lighter fare next week (if we can call cyber security and threats lighter fare), I have three requests.

  1. Please look at this week’s addiction posts. If there is something there that can help you, or help a friend or loved one, share the site, share the post.
  2. Do some research on your own. Addiction is a massive topic, not one that can be covered in a few articles. Since we are all addicts, we should know more about the malady and how we may become less addicted.
  3. If you need help, get it. If you have someone in your life who needs help, help them. Contact me via the website and I can send you a couple of reputable places to start.

The last request is a big one – mostly because our attention spans are shot. I wanted to save this one until Friday in the hopes that you will all take 15 min this weekend to watch this awesome TED talk.

I love this talk. It makes sense to me. And, I believe it will make sense to you. Watch, share, and think.

Stay safe (and relatively addiction free) out there.



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