Trackable Pill Approved. Wow.

Now that Internet-connected sensors are cheaper, smaller, more powerful than ever, human implanted microchips are now a thing.

Next up, apparently – Trackable Pills.

So, it’s kind of official. We’re living in a Philip K Dick novel. Personally, I was hoping for a more Jetsons-ish future (I want my flying car as I head out to my job at Spacely Sprockets), not a Blade Runner-ish future… but progress is progress I guess.

Why mention a smart pill on a security site? Biggest reasons:

  1. Just because we have the technology doesn’t mean that we have a handle on bio morality. Here’s hoping that before we go too far down this road as a society that scientists, ethicists, politicians and human rights groups can talk and agree on some ground rules. We need, essentially, a Geneva Convention for bioethics.
  2. Progress usually occurs after lots of testing. We’re moving pretty fast as a society. And, as we allow AI and big data to robotize our existence, things will speed up exponentially. Great for invention, not necessarily good for human decisions.
  3. If something is Internet connected it can be hacked. Not quite sure how I feel about hackers having access to medication that includes inter-corporeal location data. So, let’s hope that as this tech evolves that security will be the #2 concern (right behind health safety).

Welcome to the future, gang. Stay safe out there. Now back to the Jetsons



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