Another Solid DNS Security Option

I have long been a huge fan of OpenDNS. I used that service for many years before they were part of Cisco, and still use them today.

I believe that it’s hard to beat OpenDNS’s blend of price, performance, ease of use, filtering ,and reporting.

However, I know that there are some of you who might want a second good option.

Until now, that was really hard to find. The best DNS solutions were either more costly, harder to use, or harder to configure than OpenDNS.

IMPORTANT: If you want to do home network filtering, you’re still better off going with OpenDNS. This new option works really well for stopping access to dangerous sites, but it doesn’t have customer filtering options, reporting, etc yet.

So, essentially, if you’re a family member who needs to do filtering and reporting, stick with our top recommendation, OpenDNS.

If you’re, however, just interested in the easiest possible way to protect your home network from malware, ransomware, etc, then this new option is definitely worth using.

The service is called Quad9, and it works really well.

Stay safe out there – and let me know if you have any specific questions about home internet filtering, DNS tools, etc.



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