Germany Bans Children’s Smartwatches: Jawohl!

As we mentioned a few weeks back, there are some seriously awful Children’s Smartwatches, as well as other brutal IoT children’s devices, on the market right now.

So, we’re not surprised – but we’re genuinely pleased – that these privacy and security nightmares are starting to get banned.

Germany is leading the way. Here’s hoping that other countries, agencies, etc will start following suite.

Here’s a TechCrunch article that talks about the ban. We’d normally skip the reblog and just send a link to the original announcement, but in this case the announcement is written auf Deutsch. So, unless you know a little German, we provided the link to TechCrunch.

No joke here, parents: If you’re considering surprising your kids with an Internet connected device this holiday season, think twice. There aren’t a lot of them that are worth buying, and even fewer that are secure enough to be worth the purchase.

These devices may look cool, and might be beg-worthy for your children… but until device manufacturers start taking security seriously, start showing they care about privacy, and start building protective technology into their products, steer clear.

That being said – if your little Johnny or Suzie wants an i-Device, let us know via the website. We’ll do some homework for you and share some 1:1 opinions on the product.


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