For The Grouches: How To Block Holiday Posts on Facebook

Tis the season for seasonal overload.

Me? I love it, most of the time. However, I can see where some people would be a little overwhelmed with the coming avalanche of Facebook posts.

If your inner grouch is coming out, then you can consider using the Social Fixer extension, as mentioned in this Lifehacker article, to slow the flow.

Important note: This is a security site. We’re not going to recommend a whole bunch of extensions. There are some excellent extensions out there, but there are even more useless, lossy, insecure, or sometimes downright dangerous extensions masquerading as good tools.

Good extension rule of thumb: If you don’t trust it, don’t install it. And (if you don’t know if you trust it or not), if you can’t find a reputable review and see if other legitimate sources trust it, don’t install it.

That being said, from what I’ve seen and heard, the Social Fixer extension seems to be safe enough. It’s been around for a while and it has been reviewed by reputable sites.

How about that for a dual-minded few paragraphs? See, security is easy peasy 😉

Stay safe out there!



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