Scarab Ransomware: A Warning

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time on personal and family security lately. So, welcome back to a straight up cyber security story.

This article from Infosecurity is a bit technical. However, it’s worth a read.

The net of this situation: Scarab is an amazingly fast email ransomware program. It managed to send 12.5 million emails in the first 4 hours of release. It’s potentially coming to an inbox near you.

The good news is that is seems to be less sophisticated than some of the other recent ransomware. So, it’s being contained by many of the anti-malware vendors.

However, all it takes is one instance of this getting through to your family / business / organization devices, and this is a huge headache that can spread quickly.

The warning and tip: Don’t click on email links, especially if anything about that email looks or feels suspect. Don’t be your organization’s patient zero for this kind of attack.


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