YouTube: More Content Trouble

Trigger warning: This story will make you mad and contains adult subject matter.

We’ve talked several times about YouTube’s content issues. Earlier this month we posted a story showing that they’re finally starting to take issues seriously.

However, as bad as questionable content is (and it really is!), this news is way worse.

The Guardian and other sites are reporting that Child Abuse terms are showing up in autofill search results.

It could be that degenerates are posting these videos deliberately, trying to embarrass Google / YouTube.

Or, it could just be that these videos have been on the site for a while, hiding in the dark corners of the world’s largest platform.

Either way, it’s disgusting. Either way, it’s sad. And, either way, YouTube needs to fix. Soon!

Parents: As always, pay attention to your kids and their watching / browsing habits. Enable YouTube history and watch for trends. And, if your child comes to you and is either confused, sickened, etc, talk to them about what they saw. Don’t judge them – it probably wasn’t something they looked for on purpose.

Open communication is the key to 21st century parenting.


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