An Inside Job

Here’s a scary story about a security company that was a front for an advanced Chinese hacking operation.

Why I’m posting? For you business owners / managers: over the next few years, security services are going to be very important.

The combination of regulatory compliance, employee protection, and your customer demands will have you scrambling to a) know more about security, b) stay compliant, and c) protect your employees, and therefore protect your business.

There are going to be a million different security offers, each of them claiming to be the cheapest, best, most flexible, etc. And they’re going to come to you offering to solve all of your headaches.

Before you hire a security company to do more than just consulting or training, do some homework. Find out what kind of people you’re working with. And, if something feels wrong, walk away.

I realize that tip doesn’t directly apply to the story, but the story is one that is going to be repeated more often over the coming few years. And, you business folks can avoid being part of these stories by picking your partners carefully.

Reminder: if you ever need to run something past me, hit me up in the comments, or have me come in for a training. I am not a front for a hacking group. I promise.

Stay safe out there!


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