GM Digital Marketplace – What Could Go Wrong?

GM has unveiled a new in-car digital marketplace.

download (1)

Thanks, Batman. Unbelievably, GM is spinning this as a way to increase safety and provide a “highly personalized experience.”

You say highly personalized, we say privacy-averse-in-car targeted advertising.

Potato, tomato.

And, you’re right, Robin: Even if this was a good idea (it’s not), and even if GM had a history of being consumer privacy advocates (they don’t), this still looks like a crazy attempt to get consumers to repurchase or redownload apps they already have on their phones all in the name of safety. Not sure how that works. Head scratching time.

The world is going this way – where every company will want to control user data and have access to all of that rich personalized and targeted ad revenue. I guess GM is just ahead of the curve.

What a world.




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