And Now For Something Completely Different – Soda Pop Stop

I know this is a tech blog, but it’s time for a confession and a gift idea.

My not-so-secret vice is Soda. Diet soda, usually (even though I know it’s awful and could potentially be worse than regular soda).

Don’t judge. We all have secret, or not so secret, guilty pleasures.

If you’re like me (and there must be a ton of people like me if this store / site exists) – did you know that there is an online storefront for Galcos? Galgos is a massive soda store in L.A.

The online store is Soda Pop Stop. If you’re looking for an interesting gift for a soda junkie, this might be your fix.

It’s absolutely insane how much variety they have. Shipping ain’t cheap, but it’s a cool site with unbelievable variety.

And where else are you going to get Black Lemonade, Sweet Lavender Blossom Soda, or Kona Red Antioxidant Superfruit of Hawaii Soda?

Now back to security.


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