One Of The Worst Phishing Attempts Ever?

Found in the Spam folder today:


There is some good news:

  1. Google caught this, and as you can see (in the red bar) they classified it as Spam and reminded me not to click on links.
  2. This is really poorly written, and I can’t imagine anyone actually clicking on a link from an email like this.
  3. They didn’t even bother to name the account in question. This one doesn’t feel real at all – so it’s easy to ignore and delete.

The bad news? People still get hooked by these kinds of emails. Hard to believe, right? But they do, and crooks know it, and so they continue to send unbelievably bad phishing emails in the hopes that some unsuspecting sap will be their next victim.

The other bad news? Many phishing attempts aren’t this bad now. Sometimes emails can look legit, have real information in them, and be very convincing.

Reminder to almost never click on an account verification email. When in doubt, go right to the site and log in from there instead of clicking email account links.

Don’t be a victim. Delete without clicking and move on.


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