AARGH – So Sick Of Scammy Websites

Only 1 post today – it’s been a bad day for the personal computer. Had some hardware issues, so had to switch out with the Microsoft Store (note: I love the Microsoft store. They take care of customers!).

Installing stuff on the replacement computer. First up, Firefox. Lo and behold – no sooner had I installed when I got this “helpful” warning:

Authentication Required 2017-12-21 17.02.02

Please note – I didn’t follow this advice. Instead, I uninstalled Firefox – after a forced stop.

Frustrating to have to deal with this stuff, even when I know what I’m doing. It’s a good reminder of why I started this site – I want to help so that others don’t actually fall for this crap.

Stay safe out there. Will return to regular posts tomorrow.


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