Another Facebook Messenger Virus Warning: Digimine

Going to start with the moral today: If you use Facebook Messenger, and you receive a video file in zip format from someone (including your friends, because of the way this was created): DO NOT CLICK.

There is a new virus spreading in several countries worldwide, and it looks like it’s spreading fast. Trend Micro (security firm) has dubbed this threat Digimine.

Looks like the baddies are using infected devices to install and then run digital currency miners – and this is also a very smart attack. It gets into Chrome and then uses a fraudulently installed extension to spread the virus to other Facebook users.

And that’s why you shouldn’t click on zipped video files even if they look like they come from your friends. Could be that your friend’s computer has been hacked and they don’t know they’re sending.

This is sophisticated stuff. Don’t fall for it, or for other similar Facebook Messenger attacks.



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