Things Not To Buy, 2017 Holiday Edition #3: The New Teddy Ruxpin

Some of you fellow kids may have an issue with this pick, but I stand by it.

Some geniuses thought the world needed a new version of one of the creepiest dolls in world history. The original Teddy Ruxpin was bad enough… but this new version not only looks more boring, but it looks creepier and also has some potential privacy implications.

It features 40+ eye color and eye animations that “sync to Teddy Ruxpin’s emotional state” (YIKES), and it also features an app that encourages a ton of micro transactions to buy new stories for this $100 nightmare engine.

So, it’s another app from another toy company (let’s hope that they hired some developers who like protecting personal information) that is encouraging your kids to beg for more stories, and then they get to read emotions through color cycling eyeballs.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

By the way – total geekout here: If you want to really scar your kids, but make them a more useful tool, here’s a video about how to turn an original Teddy Ruxpin into an Alexa-enabled smart device.

Happy Holidays.



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