Watch Out – More Gmail Spam Today

Google has become awesome at catching and preventing Spam. It’s a huge job, though. There are countless Spam messages sent every day, and Gmail is such a huge platform that they’re targeted every minute.

Sometimes things don’t get blocked.

I got two Spam messages this morning. They were correctly identified as Spam, which is awesome – but they’re still there and I could have clicked on these links.

Ex 1Ex 2

Notice that the links are different. It’s one of the things that makes this Spam look more legit. It’s not legit.

This and other Spammy messages are also dangerous because they look like they came from known contacts. I chose not to show who the contacts were, but one was allegedly from my sister, and the other from a best friend.

Any gmail users may want to check their Spam folders and delete all of the messages, even those that look like they came from a trusted source.

And if for some reason a message with no content other than a link makes it into your inbox, delete. Don’t fall for this one.

Stay safe out there.


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