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Ok, This One Is Legit Scary: Fitness App Gives Away Military Secret Base Positions

Normally I try to avoid fear mongering. Not the purpose of this site. However, sometimes a legitimately scary story comes along and I feel like I need to report. In this case, it’s the story of a well-known and widely-used fitness app, Strava, that military folks have been using (and you might have been using) to track fitness regimens. The

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From the “No-Duh” Department: Screen-Addicted Teens Aren’t Happy

File this under, “Water is wet.” Researchers at San Diego State University have published a report that shows: The happiest teens use screens the least Teens that engaged in real-world activities are happier Unhappiness rises as screen time increases Parents out there, not a surprise, is it. In fact, let me say HUMANS out there, no surprise. For, although this

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Interesting: How We’re Using Streaming Services

Quartz has published a pretty interesting article about how we’re using streaming services. 1) 18-24 year old’s media consumption is different than older folk’s. Not a surprise…. but the percentages did astonish me. Much more online content than “traditional” content. 2) Original content seems to be paying off for the Big 3 – Netflix, Prime, and Hulu – but it

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Cyber Bullying Statistics – Quick Read

Cyber Bullying continues. Not only continues, but is thriving, growing, and getting harder to track due to the rise of anonymous or private sharing apps. It’s serious, and it’s affecting way too many lives. I found a good, succinct, article with some very troubling stats. The stats are scary (bullying stats always are). The reason I’m sharing this article, though,

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