New Year’s Parental Control Tip #1: No Thanks, Periscope

Happy New Year. To start the year off, I’m going to post a few family safety suggestions.

1st up: Periscope (link not included on purpose) started as a pretty cool way for everyone, almost everywhere, to live stream events. It’s still an OK service, I guess, but as a parent it’s becoming clear that the reward doesn’t outweigh the risk.

Parents: Check with your kids. Ask them if they’re using Periscope. If they are, might be time to either block the service or discuss ways to help monitor and manage their contacts.

Why? Trigger warning! Back in July, 2017, the BBC published a brutal news story, showing that the service has been used to “groom” young children. Yuck. They’re not the only ones who have been concerned about the app’s safety.

No thank you.

To be real clear: not every kid is going to be targeted, and not everyone is using the app and service for nefarious and evil purposes… but the fact that kids have been targeted, and that the platform is very open and easy for strangers to use? Well, that’s enough for me to want to at least check with them to see if they’re using the service, and then take appropriate action.

Hope it’s enough for you, too.


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